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Sundials by John Close, designer and maker of exquisite garden sundials and armillary spheres all handcrafted in the UK

Garden Sundials & Armillary Spheres

Exquisite hand crafted sundials custom made to your Latitude and Longitude and shipped worldwide

Established since 1991

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Bespoke Garden Sundials by John Close

These are some examples from our portfolio

  • Gemini Brass

    Gemini Brass

    The Gemini range of armillary sphere sundials are made entirely of brass..

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  • Gemini Copper

    Gemini Copper

    Made of solid copper, with a weathered verdigris finish

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  • Neptune stainless steel

    Neptune stainless steel

    Stainless steel armillary sundial made of high grade marine stainless steel

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  • Vernal


    Vernal 18″ Diameter (46cm) Hemispherical Sundial.Brass with engraved Roman numerals. Can be engraved on the horizon band and can be made in other sizes. Price £1520.00 inc UK Delivery

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  • Jupiter Brass

    Jupiter Brass

    The Jupiter Brass Armillary sundial

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  • Jupiter Copper

    Jupiter Copper

    Jupiter Copper Armillary Sundial

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  • Jupiter Stainless

    Jupiter Stainless

    Jupiter Stainless Steel Armilliary Sundial

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  • Mercury 20 Stainless Steel

    Mercury 20 Stainless Steel

    Mercury 20 Stainless Steel Armillary Sphere Sundial

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  • ED30
  • Equinox


    The Equinox hemispherical sundial though of simple design can create an interesting feature

  • Wall Dial

    Wall Dial

    Solid brass wall dial with a slightly weathered patina

  • Stainless Steel Vertical Wall Dial

    Stainless Steel Vertical Wall Dial

    Stainless Steel Vertical Wall Dial Sundial


Stylish & Durable Sundials

Traditional & Modern Styles

Our traditional and modern designs are available in brass, copper, stainless steel and other materials, and can be supplied with various types of plinths, pedestals and bases.

Garden Sundials

Ideal for Gardens, Patios & Conservatories
Sundials are perfect for adding a point of interest and make attractive ornamental features and sculptures in gardens, parks, woodland, landscaped areas, patios, greenhouses, conservatories or any private or public space

Exclusive Sundial Designs

The sundials you find on this website are my own creation, and you are unlikely to find them elsewhere.  They are all made in my workshop at Tolleshunt Major, Essex in the UK.

Personal Motto Inscription makes the Perfect Gift!

My sundials can have an engraved personal motto inscribed making an extra special gift or memorable garden feature. Please see below some of our favourite sundial mottos.

About us

We design and make all types of Garden Sundials, Armillary Sundials, Wall Dials and Horizontal Dials for home and public areas.

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