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Inscriptions & Mottos for Sundials by John Close. Armillary Spheres, Walldial and Sun-Dial Makers UK Maldon Essex

Inscriptions & Mottos

gem18005_700Some ideas for your Sundial Inscription or Motto

Use part or whole of a poem, a Latin phrase – there are many to be found on the internet.

We will be pleased to help you choose a suitable inscription.

An inscription helps to make the sundial extra special

Or if you feel inspired why not compose your own personal motto!

View more sundial inscription examples and motto ideas.

Maybe you have a special date, time or place that could be inscribed forever? Birthdays, anniversaries, retirement, a thank you, or perhaps a wedding or memorial.

Family names and dates are also very popular inscriptions.

Jupiter, with inscription around the horizon band Click to view full size

Engraved inscriptions.
The cost of the inscription will depend on the amount of characters and thier size.
Please contact us for a price and how best to set out the inscription.
An inscription can be engraved on any band inside or outside of the sphere, shown here on the outside of the horizon band.